Which is Better, WordPress or Blogger?

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Video Transcript: Which is Better, WordPress or Blogger?

Hey. This is Aaron at Geek Free Marketing, with a common question we get, which is, “Which is better, WordPress or Blogger for a blogging platform?” Well, the answer is neither and both, depending on who you are. Let me explain.

WordPress and Blogger, along with Typepad, are common blogging platforms where you can log on to another external website in the cloud on the interwebs, and add content as you wish, and do some light customization to make your own blog. Very popular bloggers like Matt Cutts from Google and Seth Godin use these platforms for blogging. However, I think the best way to blog, as many experts do–is on your own domain name. It’s important to know that wordpress.com is a hosted blogging solution where you just simply create an account, sign on, and blog there. And wordpress.org is actually a self-hosted solution, where you simply go to any hosting provider like Bluehost or GoDaddy, actually, I don’t recommend GoDaddy for WordPress. So, let’s say Bluehost, and you can do a one-click WordPress install and have a basic WordPress site on any domain that you own.

The answer to that, “Which is better? WordPress or Blogger?” I would say WordPress, but I would strongly urge you to go with the self-hosted WordPress solution using your own hosting provider, and do a one-click install.

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