Where Can I Find Web Designers or Freelancers?

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Video Transcript: Where Can I Find Web Designers or Freelancers?

Where can I find web designers or freelancers? So I assume this question comes from somebody looking to either have a new website built, or an existing website modified using an outsourced resource. Well, there are a couple different options to go, and I’m going to reveal the best way to keep yourself out of trouble when it comes to spending too much money or giving up security of your website, or personal information. Here we go.

Well first of all, you have to think about what you’re goals are. So I really recommend if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur use WordPress. WordPress is a CMS or Content Management System. You can see other videos that describe more about WordPress, but just use it. It’s clearly the best way for any small business owner to access or update their website. It’s secure, it’s fast, the search engines love it, there are tons of themes, and plugins out there available, which saves a ton of time and money. Just use WordPress.

Secondly, where to find a good freelancer to work on that site? We have to understand how website design works. You want to design and understand what you want in the first place, and have a goal in mind, and know to have things like Trust Icons and conversion elements and kind of know what designing you need, and that’s up to you. Don’t ever hire a designer and say, just design me a good effective website. I hate to say this, but 99 times, and I’m not talking about 99 designs, I’m talking about 99 times, I got problems and a website ain’t one. No, I’m just kidding.

99 times out of 100 a web designer is not the person you want to design your website. That sounds really weird to say, but they’re not online marketing experts. They’re not search engine optimization experts, and man, you look at most small business website and they’re just aching. So I’m going to keep you on the side of tons of traffic pleasing customers if you listen to what I say here.

So, understand what you want. If you want to go to our course at GetMyFreeCourse.com there’s an online marketing crash course at no charge to you that will walk you through the psychology of web design and what you need to have in place. But anyway, you probably already know what you want, so let’s get into it.

I recommend that you use ODesk.com, or ELance.com; there is also rent-acoder.com, or 99Designs we’re going to talk about. ODesk is an awesome site because you can look at designers based on all different skill sets. You want to have a designer that has a certain amount of time, a certain amount of reviews. You can look at their portfolios, so you want to use ODesk.com, place a job for web design, and use a flat fee. You should expect to pay between $500 and $2,000, $500 and $2,000 rather for the average small business WordPress website. Put a requisition up there; look at their portfolio, hire somebody with a lot of hours, over 100 hours on ODesk, and find a good designer there.

Tips for hiring; use established contractors again, based on hours. Check reviews, make sure they have 4.5 or greater reviews. Start with one small task, which means don’t just give them all of your website, if you have multiple businesses. Give them one task; have them redo a home page or a landing page, or even modify an existing site to see what their style and responsiveness, honesty and that kind of stuff is.

Check reviews, look at portfolios, start with a small task, and change your passwords after to limit access. So if you have a hosting account you want to only give the designer access to that website they’re working on, and change your passwords afterwards.

So where can you find the best web designers or freelancers; use ODesk.com, ELance, Rent-ACoder.com, or 99Designs.com.

One caveat, with 99Designs you’re going to pay for a design, which is just a Photoshop rendering of your website. You still have to have somebody go and convert it to an actual WordPress site, so there are additional fees there. So I would recommend you use ODesk for that reason. Pick a good theme, go to StudioPress.com, look at some of their themes; the thesis theme, elegant themes, there are tons of good theme styles. But use StudioPress.com.

The genesis framework is the best way to build a WordPress site. It’s updated, it’s fast, it’s stable; huge sites use it. Neil Patel at QuickSprout.com uses it. Just do it. I mean, a lot of these video bloggers and a lot of the experts out there say, well, there are ten different things you can do.

Let me make it simple. Go to StudioPress.com, pick a general theme that you want, that you can have customized. If you need to really customize that theme, go to ODesk, hire a developer, pay them $200 or $300 to customize it, and stop worrying about your website, the way it looks, and get working on the content. It’s going to get traffic. I hope this was helpful. If you have more online marketing questions go to Geek Free.net/answers and I’ll see you there. Take care.

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