What Should I Post On Social Media Sites?

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Video Transcript: What Should I Post On Social Media Sites?

What Should I Publish On Social Media Sites?

Hello? It’s kind of obvious. Kittens, happy babies, and other cute animals, and maybe an occasional picture of a smiling senior citizen.

Now seriously, there is a strategy when it’s come to that. So a lot of small business owners are smart enough to stop focusing on their own website and go out and try to reach their audiences on the social web, but you find yourself on Facebook with no roadmap, walking around in circles, getting dehydrated, discouraged, and maybe ending up where you started or worse because you lost some time in the process.

So having a strategy about what should you be posting on social sites is really important. If you think about it, like any form of marketing, it starts with defining your core target audience, what their interests, passions, questions are, and then publishing answers to those and things that are either motivational, compelling, or resourceful to them.

So, for example, if you are not publishing or blogging once a day or once a week yet, you’re still ramping up your own content plan, share content from others. Who in your industry is publishing helpful content? For example, in my industry online marketing, HubSpot publishes a Facebook eBook about every 10 minutes in the hopes that .001% of the civilization hasn’t seen that I might share that on Facebook.

But anyway, in your industry, there’s tons of helpful information that others are posting. Share it on Facebook. People don’t care if you’re the author or the genesis or the originator of helpful content, of quality content. They just care that they got it from you. So share helpful content on Facebook.

Syndicate your own content on Facebook. Use a tool like HootSuite, or do it manually. But when you write a good blog post that speaks to your audience, don’t just let it sit on your website and pray for the best. Go out and push it out to where your customers are online. Put the marketing in content in marketing. So make sure you have a helpful photo or a video on everything that you share or publish on your website. It’s so much more engaging. Countless studies have shown that. So publish your own content on the social web.

Every time you publish something, share other’s content, share your own content. Answer questions and add value. So what else you should be publishing, don’t think of it as what you’re pushing and pushing out there.

I know the question is, “What should I post on social media sites?” But you should be posting answers to others’ questions. If you go to LinkedIn or Facebook, there are countless groups out there that are focused on your niche.

I guarantee one time I answered a challenge to find a forum based on amateur falconry, and if you Google “amateur falconry forum,” you’ll find discussions happening out there in the social web, which by the way includes forums, not just Facebook and Twitter like everybody thinks.

So answer questions, add value. Give to receive. Give, give, give. Respond to thought leaders. So if somebody you respect or somebody who already has your audience in the social web are potential partner, if they’re publishing good content, join a discussion with them. Make it so they know who you are. Add value, add additional points, share their content, show them that you’re sharing their content.

The way you become a thought leader is by drafting other thought leaders. Take the path of least resistance. They’ve already figured out how to get the audience that you want. All you have to do is join those discussions and you have authority by proxy.

So what should you post? I think we learned it’s just all about kittens.

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