What Are The Best Content Marketing Blogs?

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Video Transcript: What Are The Best Content Marketing Blogs?

What are the best content marketing blogs? This is a very important
question, because as a small business owner/entrepreneur, we’re looking for
best practices from thought leaders in the industry to help us develop
compelling content in multiple formats and deliver that to our audience,
establishing ourselves and our businesses as authorities in the process.

To do that, I recommend that you follow by either adding to your RSS reader
or by checking out on news aggregate sites like bizly.net the following
content marketing blogs, which are my favorites and the favorites of many
online marketers out there. The first one is Copyblogger, which has been
around for a long time, published by two awesome bloggers and online
marketers who practice what they preach when it comes to education-based
and content marketing. And Brian Clark and Sonia Simone. Awesome, awesome
resource, copyblogger.com, covering everything from exactly how to write
copy, to compelling headlines, to content marketing, and everything in
between. Great site.

The next one would be toprankblog.com, from Lee Odden. Lee just published
the book “Optimize,” which is a must-read, and he’s had the TopRank blog
out there for a very, very long time. He started out as an SEO agency,
quickly growing into an authority and thought leader in content marketing,
and a leading educator in this space as well. Check out toprankblog.com.

The next one is quicksprout.com, from Neil Patel. Awesome, awesome
resource. At age 24, Neil Patel was one of the most influential figures in
online marketing, and has since grown to develop companies like KISSmetrics
and Quicksprout.com. And he’s just an awesome, awesome resource. Everything
he publishes is top notch. He has guides that are 30 or 40,000 words long.
They’re The Advanced Guide to SEO, The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing.
Everything at Quicksprout will help your business. I guarantee it.

The next one would be The Sales Lion. Marcus Sheridan is a really animated,
kind of Marine Corps-looking guy. Somewhat like Chet from “Weird Science.”
But I saw him speak at Social Media Marketing World–I know I’m a geek–
here a few months ago, and he’s awesome. He started a pool company in
Virginia, and just by blogging and answering the top questions in the minds
of his customers via FAQs, he took his site from 0 to 30,000 visitors a
month. He has since published thesaleslion.com as a resource for inbound
marketing and HubSpot marketing, and helping business owners understand how
to implement online and content marketing.

There’s a lot of other resources out there. You can’t go wrong with those
first four. Check out heidicohen.com, which is a great site. The Content
Marketing Institute at contentmarketinginstitute.com, by Joe Pulizzi, great
site for the metrics and analytical and kind of systems side of content
marketing, where CopyBlogger would be more for the copywriting and artistic
side. Convince and Convert, by Jay Baer–awesome site, at
convinceandconvert.com. And finally, briansolis.com. Brian’s an awesome
author and online marketing expert and thought leader.

Check out these top content marketing blogs. Let me know what you think.
Get more answers to your burning online marketing questions at
geekfree.net/answers. Take care, and have a good day.

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