What Are The Best Blogging Sites?

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Video Transcript: What Are The Best Blogging Sites?

What are the best blogging sites? The answer is the ones that you actually blog on. No, I’m just kidding. So, blogging is a very common component and critical component in content marketing, and a lot of people looking to start a blog are curious to know; which are the best sites to actually sign up with and start adding content to. Well, there are two types of blogging solutions out there. There are hosted solutions where you just create an account and log on and blog on another, kind of, site or platform in the cloud, and then there are self-hosted solutions; where you blog on your own domain.

Now, we always recommend that, because all it takes is to go and sign up for a service like Bluehost, do a one click WordPress install, then you have your own site on your own domain that’s getting your own, kind of, authority and SEO juice. But, if you want to start, and there’s a lot of reasons why you might not want to do that or be ready for that, you want to use a hosted blogging solution.

So, the top blogging solutions out there, hosted blogging solutions, are Blogger (blogger.com), WordPress (wordpress.com), LiveJournalBlog.com, Tumblr and a couple of others but I would really keep it within the top three of LiveJournal, WordPress.com and Blogger.com. Those are the top blogging sites. If you have additional questions regarding blogging, content marketing or anything to do with online marketing, go to geekfree.com/answers and we’ll see you there. Thanks.

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