What Are The Benefits of Blogging?

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Video Transcript: What Are The Benefits of Blogging?

What are the benefits of blogging, besides picking up checks? Okay, that might be the 11th. Well, ours does not go up to 11. We’re gonna talk about the top 10 benefits of blogging. Well, let me start by saying this. Most small business owners and entrepreneurs blog and quit before they ever get any traction, leverage, traffic, or leads. What happens is you start blogging, you’re all excited, you’ve got a new WordPress site up, you blog your heart out, you get no traffic, no shares, no follows, and then you get discouraged, just before that tipping point, just before you start to get traction. So it goes without saying, before I reveal the top 10 benefits of blogging, just please trust me and keep going. It’s going to work. Here are the top 10 benefits of blogging for small business owners, and these are awesome benefits. Check these out!

Number 1:  Reaching your audience on search engines. Most search online are informational searches, which means people are asking questions. Yet most small business owners think that transactional search is where to go. So if you rank number one for best pizza shop in Denver or top bankruptcy lawyer in Dallas, you’re going to get tons of traffic. Then you realize you hardly get any, because most people are asking questions. Number one benefit is reaching more people on search engines.

Number 2:  Engaging with and growing your social audience. So, when you blog, that gives you an opportunity to share your expertise in that content and syndicate that content out to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, and get it out in the eyeballs and the hands of the people that you care about. And that drives traffic back to your website. So number two is engaging with and growing your audience on social media sites.

Number 3:  The third benefit of small business blogging is it positions yourself and your business as an authority in your niche. It builds trust with clients when they find your information as an answer to the question that they typed into Google and they see you, either your face on a video or your expertise on a blog. You’re positioned as the expert, because you’ve answered their tough or curious questions online. So that’s the benefit of number three is it positions yourself as an authority and an expert.

Number 4:  You get to beat your competitors to the punch. Remember how I said earlier that everyone’s worried about the tip of that search funnel, just the people that are ready right now. They’re greedy, and they have short-sighted mindset. They only want the customers that are ready to buy now. So, if you are the one answering all of your questions, way before your customers are ready to buy, you’re going to beat them to the punch, establish a relationship and a position of authority before your competitors.

Number 5:  Building relationships with influencers. So, if you become a thought leader and a prolific blogger in your niche, other bloggers in your niche are going to see you, and they’re going to pay attention, and you’re going to join discussions on their blogs and forums. You’re going to become part of that clique, the online community in your niche. That opens up opportunities for potential partnerships, joint ventures, even whole businesses. So building relationships with influencers is huge.

Number 6:  Recession-proofing your business. I know that will get your attention before you click away. Recession-proofing your business. I’m serious about that. Blogs create evergreen traffic faucets that feed leads into your business. You blog this month, that blog post is going to get traffic for every subsequent month throughout time. As long as you’re doing it right, and not doing any SEO black hat stuff, it creates evergreen traffic. So the bigger your site, the more it’s worth, the more traffic you’re going to get over time. If you add one blog post a day or one even a week, or even two a month, fast-forward two or three years, and you’re going to be getting seven, eight, ten, twenty thousand visitors to your site, even if you stop blogging. It’s evergreen. I think you get the meaning of evergreen, and I should move on.

Number 7:  Growing your platform as an expert and thought leader, this is a really big benefit to small business blogging. For me, for a lot of small business bloggers, especially if you’re an expert, like a professional service provider, like a doctor, lawyer, dentist, that kind of thing, it opens up speaking gigs, consulting engagements, business opportunities that you never would have had, because your blog and your content and your traffic gets people’s attention, not only your target customers, but influencers, other thought leaders, associations, potential speaking gigs, and so forth. Huge, growing your platform.

Number 8:  Additional revenue streams. So, if you’re a typical brick-and-mortar small business owner, I know and understand that you just need more qualified leads. But let’s assume you get that happening, because you’re going to blog every day or at least twice a week. You’re going to find new revenue streams. By new revenue streams, I mean advertising on your blog or on your website. You can do pay-per-click ads through Google. You can do Amazon affiliate ads, which don’t pay that well, so don’t do that. But you can do display ads through an ad network. You can actually, with traffic, everybody in the world, every advertiser, I should say, is willing to pay for traffic. You blog more, you get more traffic. You can do advertising.

You can get affiliate income. If you are a local bike shop, you can sell all kinds of bike parts from different distributors around the country that you don’t even offer, just by doing affiliate ads. You can do Amazon. For physical products, Amazon is actually really good. So you can do affiliate marketing for anything. I have a small business online marketing site. People sign up for hosting through that site, through software, through SEO services, all kinds of stuff, through other partners out there. So affiliate income is huge.

You can actually release new products. You might find business opportunities, joint venture opportunities. So it’s endless. But additional revenue beyond even your primary business can happen through blogging.

Number 9:  Quick road to publishing. So as you start to blog and get your thoughts together and find your voice and publish content and get traffic, you can take a series of blog posts, put them together into a powerful eBook that can speak to your audience, increase your conversions and opt-ins, because now you have a deliverable, a reason for them to opt in. You can even get a physical book publishing deal like I did. So, if you become a thought leader, you can shop that out to a publisher, get an agent, publish a real book. You can even self-publish on Kindle and still get tons of readers and sales from your book, but most important establishing yourself as an authority. So adding blog posts and content up, consolidating those, you can put those out in the form of downloadable products or even publishing.

Number 10:  Saving a ton of cash. That’s my favorite one. So blogging is way cheaper than paid advertising. It has a higher close rate, typically, according to MarketingSherpa and HubSpot, of course, which you need to read “Inbound Marketing,” which is an awesome book, by the way. But, anyway, a higher close rate. So when people find you, you’re already positioned as the expert. If you blog an answer to a very specific question about a product or a service that you have, you know it’s more relevant. So whenever something’s more relevant, it has a higher close rate. It resonates more with the audience, and it leads to more leads and opt-ins. And think about the time it saves on travel and salespeople. Instead of what Dharmesh Shah and Brian Halligan at HubSpot call disruptive marketing or interruption marketing, where you bother people, have the salespeople cold call and all that crap that doesn’t work anymore, you only deal with people that contact you, and it’s so much more cost-effective, and people respect you so much more, and see you as an expert. So it saves a ton of time and money.

So, top 10, real quick, I pontificate. Top 10 benefits of blogging for small business owners:  1. reaching your audience on search engines quicker; 2. engaging with them on social media sites and building your social audience and traffic, 3. positioning yourself as an authority in your niche; 4. beating your competitors to the punch, getting there earlier by answering questions; 5. building relationships with other influencers in your niche; 6. recession-proofing your business, creating evergreen traffic through those blog posts; 7. growing your platform as an expert and thought leader, getting speaking gigs and other benefits of being seen as a content or subject matter expert; 8. additional revenue streams, advertising, pay-per-click, affiliate income products; 9. quick road to actual publishing, put blog posts together into eBooks, physical books, or Kindle books; and 10. saving a ton of cash. Blogging is cheaper than paid advertising. It doesn’t involve salespeople. Oh, there are still salespeople out there, by the way. The salesperson’s job should be to consult with those people that contact you.

So those are the top 10 benefits. If there are any I left out, leave a comment below. Otherwise go to GeekFree.net/answers for answers to your most burning online marketing questions, and most importantly, please share this on social media with other business owners that you think would benefit. Take care. I’ll see you in the next video.

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