What Are the Advantages of Using WordPress?

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Video Transcript: What Are the Advantages of Using WordPress?

What are the advantages of using WordPress? This a question that I get all the time from business owners, who either have a current website, are looking to move to a different platform, or trying to decide which hosted platform to use, whether that’s WordPress or a service like Hubspot or some industry specific service.

The advantages of WordPress are compelling and they’re really clear. First of all, WordPress is super easy to use. For small business owners you require little or no technical knowledge. You can log in, update, add blog posts, content, and photos as simple as you could using Facebook. It’s that simple.

Another advantage is from the perspective of word engines. WordPress is super fast and super search engine friendly. There are plugins, like the Yoast SEO plugin and other tools you can use that are free, with WordPress, to make it super SEO friendly. A lot of that’s taken care of where you’d have to normally adress that with another platform.

WordPress is also very secure. A lot of owners and publisher, of their own content management systems, tend to badmouth WordPress saying that it’s susceptible to hacking. That’s only true if you don’t maintain it, or update it and use a good hosting provider. WordPress is the most popular CMS by far. There are hundreds of thousands of open source plugins and themes. Which brings us to the next advantage.

WordPress is highly supported. Because there are about 80 million websites built on WordPress, if there’s something you want to do you can pretty much find it without paying for it. So, if you want to add video player to your website, you want to add forms to your website, you’d like to use social media integration, and a litany of other available options. You can just find it in the WordPress themes or plug ins directory, rather. There are also tons of themes. So, instead of designing a custom website from scratch, you can select a really beautiful, fast, efficient, and proven to convert theme, and just upload that in a couple of seconds on your site. Then do some light customization. There’s also, when we say support, there are tons of developers. If you go to oDesk or Elance or any of the outsourcing sites, you’ll see tons of highly qualified, highly rated, and reviewed website developers, designers, and programmers that can help you do anything you want, for usually less than 100 bucks to your WordPress site.

There a lot of advantages of WordPress, but among the top ones are its super easy to use, it’s highly cost effective, it’s search engine friendly, and it’s very popular, secure, and well supported. So, WordPress should be the CMS, were in love with WordPress. It should be the CMS you use to build your site. Unless you have some very, very unique requirements, like an extremely large or proprietary database or ecommerce site, but for the normal business owner and entrepreneur, WordPress is the way to go. If you have other questions about WordPress or other online marketing topics go to geekfreeanswers.com.

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