The Best Small Business Marketing Books

The following is my curated list of must-read small business marketing books. Please note the category navigation on the left, as I have listed recommended titles for each topic related to online marketing. I recommend you start with the general marketing and strategy books like The E-Myth, Inbound Marketing and Influence, and then delve more deeply into topics that meet your immediate needs and goals. Eventually, you’ll read all of them, right?

One important concept worth noting is the benefit of “learning on demand.” Rather than falling victim to “bright shiny object” syndrome, grabbing every e-book, course, video and book you come across, slow down and focus on one skill at a time. Many business owners find it easy to map these books over the online marketing funnel. In other words, check out a WordPress book if you’re setting up a new site. Then grab one or two SEO and social media books as you’re building your Reach strategy (reaching your target audience). Next, as you start content marketing (Engagement!), read a blogging, copywriting or video book. Once you have your site setup, traffic buzzing and blogs flying out the door, you can get into conversions, metrics and marketing automation. Hope this helps.