The 4-Hour Chef Trailer: It’s Not About Cooking

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Don’t judge this book by it’s cover, The new book from Tim Ferriss is not about cooking. The 4-Hour Chef is about the process of learning how to be “world class at anything in 6 months or less.”  If you’re a Ferriss fan, you’re already aware of Tim’s affinity for processes- which borderlines on unhealthy if you consider using your own body as a petri dish, experimenting on supplements, extreme diets and non-FDA-aproved remedies.

The new book is centered around a very specific (and cool!) 4-step process for deconstructing and learning a skill:

  • Deconstruction – The process process of breaking down the specific bodies of knowledge that make up a skill
  • Selection – Applying Pareto’s Law (the famous “80/20” rule) and deciding which sources will produce the most usable knowledge
  • Sequencing – Defining a clear step-by-step sequence for learning the skill
  • Stakes – Making yourself accountable by adding a timeline and consequences

In tru Ferriss fashion, The new book launch is not without controversy. Amazon Publishing acquired the book, which immediately caused a Barnes & Noble boycott. Comments from the author:

Never before have I appeared on the cover of The New York Times, and never before have I seen such an incredible response to a single announcement involving me. From the serious (WSJ, New York Observer, Reuters, Guardian UK, etc.) to the hilarious (Gawker’s piece), it’s been a whirlwind.

In this post, I’ll shed some light on my next project, which is a first on many levels.

To start with the obvious, I couldn’t be more excited: Amazon Publishing has acquired my next book, The 4-Hour Chef, to launch its New York-based imprint.

It’s easiest to add my personal comments by putting them inline with the New York Times coverage, which is excerpted below. The official Amazon press release is provided first for context.

My notes are preceded by “TIM.”

Looking forward — and I have every intention of making this the biggest thing I’ve ever done — if you would like to contribute to The 4-Hour Chef (experiments, guest sidebars, recipes, etc.),


The 4-Hour Chef video

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