30 Careless Marketing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your ROI


Image source: hubspot.com

We’ve all done it. Clicked the “send” button on a really important email only to notice a major typo in the last second. Or how how about sending an email to the wrong recipient all together (um, sorry about the lingerie picture, uncle Steve).

But did you know that these “careless or idiotic” actions can not only make you look foolish but seriously effect your marketing and ROI. Common mistakes like misspellings and misuse of  punctuations are obvious, however there are numerous marketing mistakes that business owners are unaware that they’re even making.

We’ve all had those moments. You know, the ones when you do something completely careless or idiotic, and then quickly follow up with a Ron Burgundy-esque thought like, “I immediately regret this decision” … or a more classic example, the Homer Simpson “D’OH!”

In a recent article on hubspot.com, Pamela Vaughan lists 30 of these common marketing mistakes. Most can be prevented in a matter of seconds, you just need to take the time to realize that you’re even making them in the first place. We suggest you read over the following list and double check your work (and stop sending racy pictures to your uncle, will ya? It’s getting weird).


 30 Careless Marketing Mistakes That Can Ruin Your ROI

  1. Screwing Up Your Email Personalization Tags
  2. Neglecting to Make Essential Form Fields Required
  3. Emailing the Wrong List
  4. Prematurely Publishing Content
  5. Using Bad/Not Credible/Outdated/Misinterpreted Data
  6. Not Double Checking the Date and Time of When You Publish
  7. Not Including Unsubscribe Options in Your Email
  8. Forgetting to Include Calls-to-Action (CTAs) in Blog Posts
  9. Not Citing Sources Properly
  10. Not Checking to Make Sure You’re Even Allowed to Use that Image, Stat, etc.
  11. Not Offering a Plain Text or Web Version of Your Emails
  12. Not Configuring Your Links to Open in a New Window
  13. Adding Distractions to Your Landing Pages
  14. Placing Your Forms Below the Fold
  15. Not Linking Back to Your Website in Social Media Profiles and Updates
  16. Overlooking Images and Formatting in Blog Posts
  17. Not Including the Download Link on Your Thank-You Pages/Emails
  18. Messing Up the Timing/Scheduling of Your Automated Workflows
  19. Linking Your CTA to the Wrong Landing Page (Or Having a Broken Link in Your CTA)
  20. Not Test Sending Your Emails First
  21. Not Checking to See if the Results of Your A/B Tests Are Statistically Significant
  22. Neglecting to Write a Solid Meta Description
  23. Marketing to People Who Have Already Bought
  24. Not Cleaning Up Dead Web Pages and Broken Links
  25. Sending Emails to a Rented/Bought List
  26. Not Including Social Sharing and Follow Buttons in Your Content
  27. Not Warning/Prepping Your Sales Reps About a New Offer or Campaign
  28. Cloning an Email or Landing Page Without Changing Critical Info
  29. Forgetting to Add Tracking Tokens
  30. Not Giving People a Way to Contact You Directly