5 Awesome Marketing Lessons From Superbowl Commercials

With an average of 108 million viewers, the Super Bowl was a “lights out” hit this year. Beyonce (with a whole lot of leg) lit up the half time show, the entire stadium was left in shadows after a 30 min power outage. Oh yeah, and there were those 2 teams wrestling over a ball in between all the awesome commercials.

While many casual fans admittedly watch the Super Bowl just for the commercials alone, it’s no wonder that half a minute of airtime can cost nearly $4 million dollars (remember, the advertisers are reaching 108 million viewers. Talk about spreading the word.)

While your company likely can’t afford to advertise during the Super Bowl — small-business owners can learn some valuable marketing lessons from the game’s most successful ads.

In a recent article by Stephanie Vozza from entrepenuer.com, she list 5 commercials that were amongst some of the most liked and why. We suggest you watch them again from a different perspective (and without the beer googles this time) and see what marketing lessons and branding techniques you can take away and apply to your own business.

And the winner are:

1. Have a Call to Action: Budweiser’s “Brotherhood”

This commercial features a horse trainer raising one of Budweiser’s famous Clydesdales and being reunited with him 3 years later (I tear up every darn time). “The ad aimed to connect with people emotionally and gave Budweiser a way to connect their customers.”

2. Be Different: Dodge Ram’s “Farmer”

“…Dodge Ram’s “Farmer,” ad touched on core American values that resonate with viewers.”

3. Highlight Your Unique Selling Proposition: Best Buy’s “Asking Amy”

A classic example of using humor to drive a specific message across.

 4. Take Advantage of Every Opportunity: Oreo’s Blackout Tweets

“When the power went out during the Super Bowl, Oreo immediately reacted and proved you can get noticed in other mediums.” They proactively used the blackout to their advantage by pushing their social media campaigns.

5. Use Timely Messaging: Tide’s “Montana Stain”

I love the end of this one. It’s witty, smart and relevant to the specific Super Bowl teams. It a great way to grab attention of the fans and get a message across.