9 Marketing Elements Your Website Must Have

Attracting and converting visitors to your website is a lot like fishing. In order to catch the fish (or in your case, web leads), you need certain marketing elements on your site to reel in the big boys. Depending on what kind of fish you’re going after, you need good weather, bait, sinkers, hooks, bobbers and a sturdy pole. If any of these tools are missing, your chances of catching anything (other than a tin can ) are slim.

The same thing applies to your website, if you’re missing key conversion tools (contact forms, testimonials, etc.) you might as well be fishing with a stick and a safety pin. This is especially frustrating if you’re doing everything else correctly to get your audience to your site (writing good content, managing PPC, creating strong back links, etc). What’s the point of doing all this if you’re audience isn’t going to fill out a form or call you?

A recent article by Chris Hamilton from smallbiztrends.com lists the 9 key marketing elements you need to apply to your website to get your audience…err “hooked” I guess is an appropriate word.

Often times, companies miss adding items to their website that will facilitate attracting sales leads, so I thought I would share 9 Website Must Have’s that every website should have.

Without further adieu, here they are:

  1. Social Share Widget – Get your audience to spread the word about how awesome your business is!
  2. Live Chat Widget – Often inexpensive and invaluable. People often have questions and this is a good way to get them answered.
  3. Email Capture Form – Grow your list!
  4. Video – “It is said that video is remembered 8 times better than written information and 4 times better than audio.” Enough said. Having video will also help you rank higher and stand out on Google.
  5. Multiple Ways to Contact You – Contact forms, email, Facebook, chat, text, smoke signals…the more ways to contact you, the better.
  6. Google Analytics – You absolutely need Google Analytics installed on your website to analyze your traffic (see how much traffic you’re getting, where it’s coming from, what pages are being visited, etc)
  7. A Call to Action – Create a squeeze page with “buy now” and “sign-up here” buttons instructing your audience to take action.
  8. Testimonials – “People believe what other people have to say about you, your products and services.” Just think about the power of Yelp.com. If you have positive testimonials, put them up on your homepage. If you don’t have any testimonials yet, ask your current customers for them.
  9. Comments – Allow comments on your blog. You want to ignite and support discussions regarding your products.