10 Places You Don’t Want to Use Crappy Marketing Copy

image source: clumedia

image source: clumedia

Effective use of words in your copy can be among the most effective of all marketing tools. In this new “content marketing is the new SEO” era (it’s not by the way, education-based marketing has been the most effective way to reach and establish authority with an audience since The Ten Commandments hit the shelves…er, villages).

Words have subtle but extremely powerful ability to explain, persuade and ignite action. However, without the right thought, attention and effort to your marketing copy, you can sabotage your work quicker than Mel Gibson having a mental breakdown.

Sometimes it’s the small stuff that counts and this is no exception for finding key (and often overlooked) places for writing exceptional copy. Yes, your blog posts, e-books, campaign emails and all the rest of the really big stuff matters (a lot!).

In a recent article on hubspot.com, Corey Eridon explains the 10 places you absolutely can’t afford to skimp out on the creative writing juices. While these areas may seem unimportant to many, they are in actuality a crucial piece to the puzzle. If you’re not spending a significant time and effort in the 10 areas below, your marketing efforts could be suffering tremendously.

“…there are other, smaller, easily passed over areas in your marketing where killer copy is a must. These are the places that are often overlooked or filled in absent-mindedly at the last minute, while hours and hours were spent on other elements like design, layout, research, or storyline.”

  1. Meta Descriptions
  2. Blog Titles
  3. Email Subject Lines
  4. Offer Titles
  5. Calls-to-Action
  6. Submission Buttons
  7. PPC Ad Copy
  8. Content Visualizations
  9. Social Profiles
  10. Product Descriptions

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