How to Use Facebook: Master Facebook Marketing in 10 Days

image credit: Hubspot

Still struggling with how to use Facebook to connect with your audience? Worry not, young Jedi. As a follow up to our recent article: How to Set Up a Facebook Timeline Small Business Page, I am passing along this great e-book from Hubspot. Download a copy if you want to dive a bit more deeply into Facebook and really start firing on all cylinders when it comes to social media. This new e-book is a great resource on how to use Facebook, covering s simple 10-step process (44 pages) that will surely leave you with a solid foundation. I highly recommend you download and read this ASAP. A word to the wise: don’t download this and place it in your “items to check out never” folder. Read it and take action now.

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Wondering how to quickly build a faithful following on Facebook?

Whether it’s Facebook’s complexity or simplicity that has you stymied, if you put in just a little effort— for 10 days—you can boost your Facebook interactions by 10, 20, even 30 percent or more.

  1. Evaluate successful Facebook pages
  2. Understand Facebook best practices
  3. Speak Facebook-ese
  4. Create custom Welcome Pages
  5. Create a content calendar
  6. Understand EdgeRank and the art of engagement
  7. Put on a show
  8. Create a contest
  9. Run a targeted ad campaign
  10. Use Facebook’s analytics package ‘Insights’

Start garnering fans and customers who will spend real money as a result of your social marketing magic. Download the new eBook “How to Master Facebook Marketing in 10 Days” now!