Get Stickier Visitors: 25 Questions Your Site Should Answer

image by dizfunkshinal

We all know that first impressions are important. In web design and configuration, they’re crucial. Unlike a first date, if you stutter your words, trip or have something in your teeth, you usually you have the rest of the date to redeem yourself (unless you’ve already been kicked to the curb). In the online world, you only have seconds to prove your awesomeness. First time visitors can scan your site with the blink of an eye and know in a matter of seconds if they’ve found exactly what they’re looking for. If not, they’re gone with a quick click. Feeling the pressure? Good.

Consumers have a great deal of questions when they find you. Can they trust you? Are you an authority figure? Do your products have high reviews? Is your site secure? The list goes on and if you’re going to make your consumers stick when they land on your site, you need to address them all.

Thankfully, in a recent article on, Lisa Barone lists the 25 Questions Your Site Must Answer. If your site is lacking in a particular department, make it a priority to address it. Now, let’s make your site stickier than Winona Rider in a jewelry store.

What is a first-time visitor asking themselves when they land on your site?

  1. Where is your search box? How usable is the navigation?
  2. Are you a real company? Do you have a store? Where is it located? What are the hours? Phone number? I need a map.
  3. Are you on Twitter? Facebook? Instagram? How do I learn more about your social side to scope you out?
  4. Is there an About page? Are your employees visible? Do you give them a voice?
  5. What is the culture like? Are you a “good” company?
  6. Are there company testimonials? What other people or companies have worked with you? Were they happy with the experience?
  7. What about product or service reviews? What’s everyone else saying? Am I making a good decision if I commit to this?
  8. If I’m not ready to buy yet, how can I stay in touch? Is there a blog? A newsletter? Some other way to stay up to date with you?
  9. How do I know if this is the “right” product for me? Is there a sizing guide? A product FAQ? Comparison charts?
  10. What’s your return policy like? Will I stuck with this if I don’t like it?
  11. Do you ship to where I live? Where are you shipping from? How long will it take me to get my goods?
  12. What are your payment options? Can I pay with Paypal?
  13. Is your Web site secure? Are there icons that tell me that?
  14. How will you protect my personal information? If I give you my email address, are you going to respect it or sell it?
  15. Do your prices make sense? Are you high? Low?
  16. What’s weird about you? How are you different from someone else? Do I want to align myself with your brand?
  17. Have any of my friends purchased from this site before? Are they connected with you on Facebook? Do you show that off?
  18. Are you fun? Serious? Quirky? Stuffy?
  19. Should I trust you? Are you part of any organizations?
  20. Do other people seek you out? Do you speak anywhere? Teach a class? Been features anywhere cool?
  21. What do you believe in? How do you make that part of your experience?
  22. What’s your story? Who are you in the market?
  23. Why you over someone else? What’s your point of difference?
  24. What does your process look like?
  25. How is this product different from that other one on your Web site? Which is better for me?

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