How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page for Your Business

LinkedIn pen

LinkedIn pen (Photo credit: TheSeafarer)

You may think LinkedIn is just a place to network professionally.

Perhaps you visit LinkedIn daily, or perhaps only so often when you find yourself looking for a new job (and the sudden urge to update your profile!). With over 175 million users and the launch of their new business pages, LinkedIn is a much more powerful tool than you may think.  If you’re a small business owner, a LinkedIn Company Page is a must. LinkedIn is a great way to engage with likeminded business owners, spread the word about  your products or services and reach your target audience. The even better news? LinkedIn Company Pages has never looked so good. With a new interface, you’re able to customize and design your company page to your liking.

We’ve outlined the new major design features:

  1. Banner Images
  2. Career and Products Now Featured on Home Tab
  3. Product Recommendations More Prominently Featured
  4. Featured and Targeted Updates
  5. Visibility on Mobile Apps

Here’s more detail on how to use each newly designed feature from Social Media Examiner:

  1. Banner Images: Bring your Page to life! Add a banner image to the top of your LinkedIn Company Page. The default landing tab for your Company Page is the Home tab. Your banner image will show up at the top of this tab. This is very similar to the Facebook Cover Image that you are able to utilize on your Facebook Business Page, although the image size is different. The size of the LinkedIn Company Page banner image should be 646 x 220 pixels.
  2. Career and Products Now Featured on Home Tab: Rather than burying information about your company’s products and services or careers, there are now sidebar spaces on the Home tab that feature these sections of your LinkedIn Company Page. This makes it easier for visitors to find what they are looking for on your Page. Make sure your first product is the primary product you want featured.
  3. Product Recommendations More Prominently Featured: There’s one major update on the Products tab of your Company Page.  Product recommendations are more prominently featured in the sidebar! Any visitor to this area of your Page can see who in their network is endorsing your products or services.
  4. Featured and Targeting Updates: The updates you share to your LinkedIn Company Page are now going to be front and center on the main Home tab. Images from your updates will be larger and more visible as well! Given that updates are going to be highly visible, you will want to make your updates valuable, relevant and interesting!
  5. Visibility on Mobile Apps: Last but certainly not least, LinkedIn has added Company Page visibility to its mobile applications and to the iPad specifically. You can view Company Pages that you follow; find and follow additional Company Pages; see how you’re connected to the company through your network; and view job openings, the latest Company Page updates and suggested or similar companies to follow—all from within LinkedIn mobile apps!

Video: How to Create a LinkedIn Company Page