Become a Prolific Poster: 7 Ways to Beat Blogger’s Block

Although writing can be incredibly enjoyable, at times it can also be incredibly frustrating. There’s no better feeling to a writer when they begin to write and the ideas and words come freely, and there’s nothing worse than having your mind go blank as you struggle to come up with… anything! Don’t despair, as every writer knows that blogger’s block is sometimes to be expected and accordingly there are many things one can do to help beat it.

Blogger’s Block

Blogger’s block is just what the name implies. So what is causing the block? It could be anything. Therefore, stressing over the fact that you currently have this block will only add to your frustration. Instead, just shrug it off as normal and try some of the following suggestions. Be sure to remember which ones work best for you and make a note of them so you are ready for the next blogger’s block that might come your way.

Writer's block or Doug Sweetland? You decide...

7 Ways to Beat Blogger’s Block

Specific article ideas tend to be a lot easier to come up with when a writer first starts to write. The world is theirs and the possibilities seem endless. Flash forward a couple of years later and coming up with new article ideas may now present quite the challenge!

These are some really great ideas that can help you overcome your block. Be sure to give them all a try.

  1. Take a Break! Sometimes simply removing yourself from the situation can help. Whether it’s 10 minutes or an hour, take a break!
  2. Get Organized! Organization is the key to keeping all your ducks in a row. List all of your written articles for easy viewing. New ideas can spark as you look review your list.
  3. Read Similar Blogs. Of course, you wouldn’t poach someone else’s idea or plagiarize; this is to simply get your mind generating fresh ideas and perspectives.
  4. Read the Local News. Everyone likes to read top news stories, and since the story is already written, all you have to do is summarize. Or maybe put a new twist on it?
  5. Ask Friends and Family. Friends and family can be a great source of information! And since they know you well, they have the ability to provide you with lots of helpful and honest article ideas.
  6. How To. Use the very popular approach of using the following introductory title’s: How to…, 10 Top Tips to…, The 5 Best Ways To…, etc.
  7. Write Anything! If you feel your words are at the tip of your tongue yet you just don’t quite know how to start, just start writing anything, even if it’s off-topic. This may seem unproductive, but it gets your thoughts flowing. You may be surprised at how effective this technique truly can be.

The Bottom Line

Every writer experiences a writing block at one time or another, so know that you are definitely not alone! It may take a little experimenting, but using some of the above approaches will surely help you overcome your current (and soon to be short-lived!) blogger’s block.