5 Great Tips For Holiday Online Marketing Campaigns

image source: Seasame Street

It’s the day before Christmas and you find yourself wrestling a stranger for the last Flying Super Grover 2.0 (your 5 year old will disown you if you come home without it). As your face is being smushed against the cold tile floor, you promise yourself holiday shopping will take place in the comfort (and safety!) of your living room next year.

If you haven’t noticed (and have been living under a rock) online shopping has exploded over the past couple years and is only going to continue to skyrocket. The internet has allowed consumers quick and easy access to price comparisons, discounts, infinite choices, consumer reviews and free shipping to name a few benefits unique to the interwebs.

Smart marketers who want to take advantage of this revenue opportunity need to get their game faces on and make sure their campaigns are up and ready for the most wonderful time of the year. With this being said, I’m sure you have a lot of questions:

Which marketing channels should we be investing in? How are shoppers looking for us — and hopefully finding us — in the 2012 holiday season? Should I be optimizing for mobile, and if so, should I choose mobile email, mobile search, or something else?

Thanks to the marketing gurus’s over at hubspot.com, your answers await (wrapped in shinny paper and pretty little bows) in the awesome infographic: Top Marketing Techniques for the 2012 Holiday Season.


Top Marketing Techniques for the 2012 Holiday Season

  1. Holiday Marketers Are Mobilizing
  2. Tis the Season for Email Marketing
  3. Holiday Marketers Invest in Social
  4. Missed Holiday Marketing Opportunities