Is Blogging Really Good For Your Business?

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Video Transcript: Is Blogging Good for Business?

Is blogging good for businesses?

Well, on one hand the answer would be ‘yes’ but, if you’re looking for a longer video, I would ask you ‘Is nectar good for humming birds? Is sunlight good for spinach? Is spinach good for Popeye? Are pot pies good for Kirstie Alley?’ All ‘Yeses’.

Blogging is one of the best things a small business can do. Why is blogging good for business? Real simple, because blogging and content marketing are the vehicles of education-based marketing which is simply putting helpful information out there to your target audience, to establish yourself as an authority and to make first contact with them before your competitors do.

This has been going on before the Internet and it’s the most effective way to implement an inbound marketing or content marketing strategy.

So blogging is awesome for businesses. But the question is ‘Why?’

In order to get you to blog every day, or three times a week at least, you have to really understand the ‘why’.

Why is blogging so good for businesses? First you have to understand what we call the online marketing funnel, this search funnel. So there are three, and only three, types of search queries in Google or in all search engines.

People are either doing what’s called a transactional search, which means they’re going to buy something, they’re doing a navigational search which means they’re going directly to a place on the web, or they’re performing what’s called an informational search which is asking a question.

If you really look at this as a funnel, 70% of the searches online are informational searches; that’s people asking a question. What is the best type of flat screen TV, plasma or LCD? What are the best hotels in Denver? How do I know if I should be filing bankruptcy? Those are questions.

Then you would move down the search funnel, people get more specific, they narrow options, and then they perform what’s called transactional searches, they’re ready to buy. Like ‘Denver bankruptcy lawyer’ or ‘LCD TV discounts in Cleveland’. Do people have TV’s in Cleveland? I think so. When I lived there it was 50/50 but I think they do.

It’s important to understand that most people, your target customers, your target audience, the people you’re trying to reach to do business with, are asking questions every day online. So blogging is awesome for businesses and if you do nothing else, if you take nothing else away from this video, or all of our questions and answers on our site, you need to blog and add content to your site. It could be a video blog like this.

But if you do nothing else, you learn nothing about SEO, and all you do is write down every possible question that customers ask when you meet with them in person or on the phone, depending on your sales process, blog all the answers to the top questions you get.

Now, a lot of business owners say ‘Why would I want to do that? Why would I want to answer questions? I want to get them in here and close them.’

Well, because by answering the questions online, there’s a lot of benefit to that. You get there first, because you are the authority because you’re the person who was nice enough to answer those questions; they’re going to see you as the expert.

You’re going to make contact before your competitors do because all your competitors are worried about is getting them in for a sales lead, total Glengarry 1989. You need to open up, move that free line and answer all the questions that people are asking online.

Get them to your site. There’s actually a psychological trigger called ‘reciprocity’ which means, because you provided that helpful information, they’re more than likely to do business with you when they’re ready.

So instead of worrying about just the sales leads that are ready to close right now, or the customers that have their credit cards in their hand, there’s a lot of marketing strategies for that like Pay-per-Click and having landing pages set up on your site.

But the biggest thing you can do to increase your traffic and reach more of your target audience before your competitors do, and be seen as an authority and expert in the process, is blogging. It’s simple.


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