Better Blogging Basics: Tips for Making Your Blog More Effective

Meaningful Dialogue Goes a Long Way

Why Blog?

A blog has many purposes. Simply stated, its main purpose is to share information with your online public.  Your blog allows you to express what you know, what you are thinking about, or you may blog as a public service, sharing important information for the sake of educating your audience.  The beauty of the blog is its ability to give a freedom and voice to the blogger with very little restriction.  This verbal emancipation can be beneficial or harmful, depending on what is being shared. However, the common goals for any blog (or blogger) is to be read (heard) and found.  Without an audience, a blog just becomes a useless piece of ventilation.

Blogging and the Birth of Traffic

Every website is established on one foundation with one primary goal — the need to create a landing page for consumer traffic. Thousands of marketing email campaigns go out every day with just that goal in mind.  How to capture that elusive potential buyer is an obsession shared by the greatest creative marketing minds who charge thousands of dollars, claiming to hold the secret SEO formula within their hands.  However, might they be forgetting that they are reaching out to ordinary people? People who have interests, needs, problems, and are surfing the Internet for answers?  That is why the Internet is a blogger’s paradise, an open door to a global world filled with thousands of listeners who can be touched, persuaded, and influenced by a single blog that speaks directly to them.

Yes, the blog has become a powerful marketing tool. So why not just jump into the game?  Well, because that would not be a good idea quite yet, especially if you are a new blogger who needs some guidance, or a seasoned blogger looking to sharpen his senses.

Meaningful Chatter

Blogging is not easy.  Having valuable information to share on a weekly basis, can be very stressful, and cause you to hurry and get something out for the sake of filling up some empty space on your website or blog.  You cannot attract anyone and neither can you hold their interest with empty words and meaningless catchphrases.  As much as you may know about a subject, profession, or situation, putting it down on paper and giving it an appealing touch takes time and thought.  If you cannot write, hire a professional blogger who can accurately express your thoughts and opinions with a poignant touch.

Be Real – Be Vulnerable

Write from your heart, as if you are talking to your friends.  People enjoy reading honest dialogues from real people.  Do not be afraid or ever hesitate to share your own experiences in whatever you are blogging about.  We are all experienced at something and most people find comfort in hearing about something they can relate to and have experienced themselves.

Do Not Use Your Blog as a Vehicle for Vengeance or Anger

Words can incite people to feel or commit negative actions.  We have all experienced injustice and have seen our share of grief and sorrow.  If you are going to share or talk about something negative, write responsibly, making sure the information is really necessary and informative.

Marketing Your Blogs

Marketing your blogs is vital if you want to create traffic and, hopefully, increase your click-through rates.  So, where does one go?  We have listed some cool suggestions below that will help your blog get off to a good start.

  • Ezine Articles at: – Posting your blog to this article marketing site gives your blog exposure to hundreds and thousands of people looking for ideas and articles for themselves.
  • eHow – – If you are educating your public, here is a great site to post to.  This site shares thousands of articles of “how to’s” — get immediate exposure.
  • Hubpages – – Set up a free account and blog away.  Hubpages allows you to create a voice on any topic you want to discuss, along making a passive income with their Amazon affiliates.
  • Use Social Networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which gives you access to millions of marketers throughout the world.

Don’t Forget the Call to Action!

Like every other page of your website, each article or blog post you write should have a specific goal.  This could mean downloading a brochure, signing up for an email newsletter, registering for a webinar or contacting your business. Each time you write and publish a post, ask yourself, “What’s the desired next step for the reader?”

End every article you write with a “next step.”  Copyblogger does a great job of this.

Getting Inspiration – Blogs for Bloggers

Read Great Blogs for Inspiration

Memorable blogs are born from great ideas.  The blogger’s block is every writer’s nightmare and it happens to all of us.  Do not be ashamed or feel guilty when you find yourself needing to Google a subject, thought, or idea to see what others have to say.  Some great inspirational websites are: