8 Simple and Effective Tips for Building Credibility on Your Site

Hey, is the time for truth over yet?

So, what constitutes a trustworthy website?

So many of us have become downright cynical these days. The word “trustworthy” has been greatly watered down.  Credibility and dependability seem to be elusive, even naive, ideas of the past. Whatever newspaper or column one reads, there is always at least one juicy article involving corruption. Whether it be a  government official, a teacher, or a man of the cloth, we must recognize that appearance is not always a reliable portrayer of truth and fact.

If our interactions with people cannot protect us from forms of deception, how can we trust what we read or see on a website? Website owners are cloaked in mystery, creating names, representing products and ideas, offering some sort of solution that demands a decision on our end. However, how do we know that we can trust the words and the promised results? How can you instill and project trust to your website visitors and prospects? This is an open, ongoing challenge to every business owner looking to grow his or her bottom line through the global World Wide Web.

Creditability and trustworthiness are earned, not purchased.

People are not won over by catchy words and inflated promises. People — ordinary people — demand results. The average person today is spending less and questioning more. So, what can a business owner do to evoke interest and trust on their website? Here are just a few suggestions to get you started:

  1. Testimonials:  “Give me the facts, just the facts.” Promises will not cut it. If your products and services are that great, then you need proof. Ordinary people believe ordinary people. In other words, most people trust their peers. Make sure to quote real testimonials on your website. Some perceptive marketers include a website and name, if possible, giving a genuine touch to the compliment.
  2. Stand behind your words:  If people are not satisfied, have some sort of money back guarantee. When someone knows that they will be compensated if your product or service does not work for them, it automatically eliminates risk and apprehension from the purchase.
  3. Don’t live in a closet: Let people know who you are. Letting people track your roots is one of the nicest ways to make a connection to your digital audience. We all love rags to riches stories, and struggles that lead to a successful solution. Giving a glimpse of your background allows people to see your experience and credentials in the field you have chosen. It gives your company a solid presence.  The more you connect with your audience, the greater the chance you will make a sale.
  4. Create a blog with your personal voice:  If I can communicate with you, I can start to trust you. Being able to share your experience and expertise with your audience, in real time, is vital to create an atmosphere of trust and dependability. Just getting a real response from a question posed can impress and positively impact a potential prospect.
  5. Make your contact information clear and available on your site:  Customers need to know that you are easy to get in touch with. They want reassurance that, if something goes wrong with their purchase, they can contact with you for the resolution. Be visible.  Post your contact information on every single page.
  6. Don a professional appearance:  Take pride in your website. Your website represents you.Would you go to a business meeting dressed in wrinkled, dirty clothes? Your website should measure up to the highest professional standards of taste and verbiage. First impressions matter. Have a website design that caters to your audience. If you have bad grammar, hire a proofreader. No one pays for goods or services from someone whose verbal level is below their own. You will be in danger of not being taken seriously.
  7. Tips that work:  Tips that help people save time and money are priceless.  Tips can go viral within minutes, widening your campaign on its own.
  8. Be generous – have a free, valuable, downloadable PDF report available:  Invest in yourself. When you share free information that is interesting and valuable about your market or niche, it makes a great impression.

In today’s Internet marketplace, competition is on an all time high. In an uncertain economy, a website offers one of the most economical ways of advertising a person, product, or service. The success and growth of any company can easily be achieved by just following some of the above-mentioned suggestions. As many of us know, climbing the ladder to success means taking one step at a time. Creating credibility and trust in your site will also take time, but the rewards are well worth it. When you build a reputation of dependability and honesty associated with both your site and brand name, the outcome can only be positive. Start an impeccable record of accomplishment today with real testimonials and a trustworthy website.