6 Tips For Using Photos to Make Your Your Blog More Engaging

photographs on law firm blogs and law firm websites

Eye-catching photos make what you have to say more interesting.  Your prospects are more likely to read your law firm blog article (and website) if you include a relevant, attractive photograph.

Like all of us, your prospects want to be entertained and are drawn to photos.

Here are 6 easy to implement, helpful tips on how to use photographic images to attract more prospects to your law firm blog or website (and, actually get them to read it):

  1. Make sure that the relevance of your photograph is clear and keep it simple; one photo; one clear image.
  2. It’s okay to be funny, but make sure the humor is generally universal; no off-color photos or jokes.
  1. Place the photo “above the fold,” meaning that the photo should show, without your prospect having to scroll down the page.  Unless your prospects are intrigued, they won’t bother to scroll down; we live in an instant oatmeal world and your strongest draws (i.e. photo, title, and most important point) need to be seen without effort, above the fold. Align the photo to the right or left and wrap it in text.
  1. When you upload the photo to your blog or website, use relevant keywords in the file name to increase search engine optimization (SEO) and page ranking.  For example, if you are discussing what to do after a car crash show a picture of a squashed car; save the photo when uploading as “What to do after a car accident or car wreck,” not “squashed car.”
  1. Use 5 to 15 words of alternative text to describe the photograph so it’s picked up by search engines that can’t read your picture.  It’s an opportunity to use an SEO keyword in another place.  Don’t leave the alt text blank.  In addition, if the photograph has text within it such as “Safety First,” use “safety first” as the alt text.
  1. Control your photo size…not too big…not too small…just right.  Resize your photographs before uploading them to your law firm blog or website.  25k or below is a good size.

If you’re into programming or have a tech professional, use HTML “to <img width=”106″ height=”72″ src=”name.jpg” alt=”name” />” to get the best size.  Search engines love HTML so your law firm article or webpage will get a higher ranking and prospects are more likely to “stay tuned” because the page will load more quickly.

Always use an eye-catching photograph on each page of your law firm blog and website.  Your pages are likely to have a higher page ranking if you do; so, prospects will be more likely to find them and, then, be attracted to actually read them.