3 Great Sites for Small Business Bloggers

One of the top concerns of Small Business owners is making sure that their business brand/message is reaching its potential market. The best way to do this? Blogging! Small Business Blogging offers interested viewers a wealth of information that is pertinent to that particular website, and is quickly becoming an essential and necessary part of a Small Business website.

Small Business Blogs

The importance of writing a Small Business Blog should never be underestimated. In fact, in today’s world blogging is considered a crucial part of a Small Business website if their goal is to be/stay competitive, and who doesn’t want that?

Even though it may seem like blogging is a fairly simple process (it is), there are many facets to know and understand, making it critical for a Small Business Blogger to recognize what it is exactly that helps make a Small Business Blog the best that it can be. Once the basics of Small Business Blogging are understood, keep in mind that it is a good idea to expand your blogging skills by keeping up-to-date on all things related to Small Businesses and/or Blogging.

Small Business Blogging Benefits

When you blog about your Small Business, you are not only informing people on important topics related to your particular business, you are reaping some of the benefits that come with blogging.

• Shows the human aspect of a business.
• SEO! Use keywords to bring in more visitors.
• Expands your business potential.

3 Best Sites

Since there are literally thousands of websites created that are specifically directed towards Small Business Bloggers, how does one go about finding out which ones offer the best and most trusted information? A great start is to perform some basic research to see if the following items are true to the website – full contact information, topics are current, links work, and spelling/grammar is correct. You can also look up reviews and/or call the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

1. The Small Business Blog (http://sme-blog.com/)
• This website covers anything and everything related to running a Small Business.

2. Small Business Trends (http://smallbiztrends.com/)
• A multi-award winning website that covers everything related to the Small Business market.

3. Small Business Search Marketing (http://www.smallbusinesssem.com/)
• Website owner is an established online marketing consultant who has been helping businesses succeed for more than 10 years.



Update your Small Business Blog regularly to increase rankings and establish authority.