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Bob Dubow

"Aaron played a critical role is developing advertising strategies at Nolo.com. He built our sales team and developed our sales and marketing processes while supporting product development. He's smart, creative and fun to work with. His knack for working effectively with diverse personalities and interests truly set him apart, not only in inspiring a sales team but also in communicating with customers, board members, web engineers and editorial. I highly recommend him."

Bob Dubow, Nolo
Jeff Moore

"As the owner of 3 businesses, I am fortunate to have someone like Aaron Fletcher as my 30,000 foot view finder. He provides a level of security and confidence in our companies' direction that I did not know until I met him. His ideas and perspective are simple to implement and hugely impactful and profitable. Aaron is an asset that provides clear vision and direction, and drives massive value and profit for any business he consults. He's made my future and the future of my companies a whole lot brighter."

Jeff Moore, Wild Things Seafood
Jake Hower

"Aaron's program simplifies complex online marketing tactics. I am incredibly impressed with the information shared in this training. The presentation style is great. The checklists included alone provide more value than the cost of the entire program!"

Jake Hower, Fuzed
Curtis Jackson

"Aaron helped us understand and implement online marketing that works- how to set up an awesome website that generated leads, how to blog and create an email list...we've doubled our business and just moved to a new facility and Aaron was a major part of that!”

Curtis Jackson, Jackson Strength
Dr. Amy Jane Oleson

Before going through this program I had hit a ceiling for months. My business had grown enough that I knew it could work, but it wasn’t earning me enough, and it was not growing fast enough that I could quit my other job or take confidence that it really work the way I wanted it to. Aaron's program was fun and easy, the coaching was encouraging, positive, and overall exciting. The results were everything I hoped for. Basically, my business started to grow. I got more calls, I scheduled new clients, I earned more income and got very busy. As a result of this, I have just expanded my business and am thinking of bring on an employee. I would recommend this because it works. If you want your business to grow then you have to do something, not just stay up nights and worry. You need to consult with an expert who knows about online presence and marketing, and someone who is fun and invigorates you about the process, not overwhelms or confuses you.

Dr. Amy Jane Oleson, Salisbury Farms

WOW, Oh WOW. This course is FABULOUS. I am technologically challenged (and that is the greatest understatement of all time.) My small business does NOT currently have a website and I have been overwhelmed by the thought of putting together a website. In fact, I have been PARALYZED by the thought -- I have intended for a year to write the copy required for a website so I could hire a Geek to do the site for me but I still haven't written a single page. After taking this course, I am still a LITTLE apprehensive, but I also KNOW I can put together a professional website -- and, even better, I can do it MYSELF!!! This course presents GREAT information in an easy-to-understand fashion, even for those of us challenged in our knowledge of technology. The absolute WEALTH of information is presented in a way and at a pace that allows assimilation and understanding. I WILL be implementing Aaron Fletcher's 30 day Online Marketing Program. In 30 days I WILL have functional website and online marketing program. Have I mentioned that the 30 day checklist is UNBELIEVEABLE? Thank you, Aaron!!! You REALLY put your money where your mouth is when you recommend putting out QUALITY content to your audience.

- Juliane Parker, Entrepreneur

Aaron does not waste a lot of time. He goes straight to the heart of the matter. There is not a lot of fluff in this course. There is a lot of substance in this course. He shows you how to increase your conversion rate from 1 to 15 percent. He explains how to be effective with SEO. He explains how to increase your site traffic significantly by using syndication. The course helped me to understand the big picture of marketing my website. There is much more to the course than I mentioned here. The course is great! If you want online marketing to make sense to you, then take the course!

- Bruce Callaway, Publisher, Online Marketer

This is the best A-Z course on how to make sure your online marketing is on schedule and optimized. I have seen LOTS of programs and Aaron makes it fun and SO EASY to understand. The checklist he provides makes sure you stay on schedule and get everything done that needs doing. It's easy to get distracted by the latest "thing" but this course is critical for getting a good, viable site up and optimized BEFORE allowing any of those distractions.

- Dr. John DeWitt, Chiropractor

Your course is exactly what I have been searching for and could not find anything that compares to this! I am a partner in three start-up business and am currently the "Finance and Technology" guy who needs to get things off the ground. Until I found your course I really felt like the ping pong ball within my "gotta figure this out" brain. (better work on FB, wait; what about pinterest?; twitter should be good; wait; online video is hot, and on and on) I was so happy to find your course last night and was compelled to watch it all the way through. Looking forward to using your 30 day plan to revamp one existing e-commerce site and to build out two others for separate businesses. I can finally move forward with confidence using your great checklist and road map!!!! Also, I must add that the daily, weekly and monthly checklists will be invaluable to me. Until now, I was really lost about which steps to do and in what order; let alone how to tie it all together and then maintain the momentum. The checklists are so nice! Looking forward to your book and your new forum.. Well Done!!!

- John Wright, Crash Course Graduate

I have really enjoyed Aaron's course and have recommended it to all my friends. I am a computer science guy and have worked in the field since 1998. I would say I have a very good grasp of technology. I will say this course taught me many new things I just hadn't thought about. I really took it as a refresher and was completely surprised. Awesome work. I am now a loyal student and will take any class you publish. Thanks Aaron for sharing such knowledge. I would venture to say some won't even realize the value of your course until they have made some of the mistakes I have made over the years.

- Randy Wyatt, Owner, Olympic Recruiting

Clear, Jargon-Free and Actionable - Highly Recommended You'll kick yourself if you don't take this course. From the relaxed presentation style to the clear, well laid out lessons this is course you need if you want to make a success online. Hype-free and full of actionable gold, just follow the steps and you'll be way ahead of your competitors. Well done Aaron

- Peter O'Connor, Media Professional, United Kingdom

Dear Aaron, thank you very much for this super easy to understand course , i found it super useful and it feels like you chose a great mane for your self as it really feels geek free 🙂 having the online marketing funnel on your mind in every step of online marketing is such a great way to make sure i maximise my results. Thank you once again, look forward to more from you!

- Michael Schneider, Michael Schneider, DMD

The style presented fits me well as to how I learn. It is clear and concise and orderly. I've been bounced around like a pinball the lasy couple of years trying to get a grasp on the internet marketing world and constantly getting distracted by the next thing out there not to mention trying to determine who is genuine and who is just out there grabbing dollars. At this point I htink I have a better overall understanding in a few days than I had over the last 2 years. I highly recomend the program for those looking for a real source of seo for business information.

- Thomas Roman, Business Consultant

This is one of the best! There are many online marketing courses out there but while many of them have some good content only a handful at best stand out as truly remarkable. This is one of the best. I had an opportunity to work through much of the course before it was added to the Udemy program. Almost as soon as I began to look at the first session I could tell that the professionalism of this presentation was outstanding. And almost as soon I realized that this course offered solid content. It is not just a marketing tool as many such courses are, it is a real course of instruction is the essentials of online marketing. I enjoy sharing a recommendation from time to time, but I am very careful about it. I only want to recommend what I really think is top notch. In this case I have no hesitation to do so.

- James Salmons, Financial Writer and Educator

This course is Excellent for Business Owners. Clear, precise, and so easy to understand. I have bought many courses, and feel qualified to give you a 5Star ***** for this one. Its User Friendly and full of Why, How, Where, When, and What. All the components are set out brilliantly, without missing any important steps. You can set up Your Business using this course. I am happy to share and promote this course with the confidence that it will clear up most of the questions and problems local business owners have. Aaron nailed it. !!!

- Mitch Can, Can Partners, LLC

This course has been so valuable for me to get my Marketing strategy defined, aligned and executed with a model that is not only logical but also simple to follow. Aaron's step by step approach on the full customer life cycle from reaching, engaging and ultimately converting to sales is unique and possible for anyone to do to achieve success. Can't wait for the next course. I've spend so much more for information that didn't deliver even 1% off the information covered here - this course has me armed with the knowledge, tools and confidence to market online. Thanks again Aaron.

- Al Harji, Toronto Real Estate

Marketing 101 in 8 minutes. You can spend a semester in a college classroom or a few hours with this course and spend the rest of the time using the techniques to make money. I always understood the theories of internet marketing and took Aaron's course to better understans what I have been spending thousands of dollars every month to have others do for me. Now I not only understand what they are doing but feel comfortable "taking care of business" my self.

- Michael Fischer, Fischer & Van Thiel, LLP

Thorough course from an expert Aaron consistently delivers great content in a format that is understandable from any level. He delivers great content that is actionable and effective. i recommend this course to anyone starting out and finding their way or businesses looking for nuggets that can make a difference in their existing marketing plan.

- Nolan Collins, Blunt Brit Marketing